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TDDW 2022, Taiwan Digestive Disease Week

24- 25 Sept, Taipei

This event has played a significant role in gastroenterological development, gathering professionals from Taiwan and around the world.

aetherAI proudly presented aetherAI Endo, Real-time AI-Powered Colorectal Polyp Detection. With AI assistance, it can help improve the quality and consistency of colonoscopy.

台灣消化醫學週 TDDW 2022

TDDW是每年消化系醫學的重頭戲。大腸癌的預防與診治持續受國人高度重視,雲象與國泰醫院、台大醫院攜手,研發出近期完成取證的大腸鏡即時AI 瘜肉偵測。

雲象期許為大腸鏡檢查品質、醫院評鑑亮點、AI 智慧健檢提供助力。


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