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Advocating AI - driven Digital Pathology

aetherAI’s mission is to use state-of-the-art information technology to improve standards of healthcare and quality of human life.


  • Has completed A+ round funding of 150 million NTD from Ono Digital Health Investment LLC, Quanta Computer, TBB Venture Capital, and Taimage Investment. 

  • aetherAI Hema won 3 awards: Taipei Biotech Award Gold Medal, PTRD Gold, and Taiwan Excellence Award.


  • aetherAI Endo, Colorectal Polyp and Adenoma Detection has been approved by TFDA in July 2022.

  • Expanding the global market. Major achievements: collaborated projects in Japan, and deployment for the University Hospital Tübingen in digital pathology and AI applications.

  • Has become one of the partners of EMPAIA, Eco-system for Pathology Diagnostic with AI Assistance.

  • Teamed up with Cathay Financial Holdings in medical underwriting AI and won 2022  FinTech Taipei Award.

  • aetherAI  Joe Yeh won the 2022 Best Bio Startup CEO Award.

  • Taiwan government rolls out Asia Silicon Valley Department Plan 2.0 (2021–2024) to expand AIoT applications, which is expected to encourage a digital transformation in healthcare.


  • Introduced Real-time Automatic Detection of Colorectal Polyp aetherAI Endo, and Lung Nodule Detection with Low-Dowse CT aetherAI LTDC. 

  • aetherAI’s annotation-free whole-slide training approach published with global recognition in leading journal Nature Communications.

  • Partnership with Novartis Taiwan and Linkou CGMH to use AI to improve diagnosis of blood disease.

  • Revenues triple for third year in a row, expanding into global markets.

  • TAIPEI Prominent Enterprise Award—R&D Award, Judge’s Award.


  • mplementations of digital pathology for National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan’s top medical centers, and CGMH Group, Taiwan’s largest private hospital group. The latter is the largest digital pathology project in Taiwan. 

  • Series A from Quanta Computer.

  • Introduction of world’s first fully automated AI system for bone marrow differentials.

  • The government’s Six Core Strategic Industries Program is created to transform Taiwan’s biotech and medical technology. The inclusion of information and digital technology is expected to boost smart healthcare development.


  • Business Startup Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, ROC.

  • Seed funding round with investment from Cathay Venture.

  • Optimized pipelines for training DNNs on whole-slide images.


  • Training multiple AI models with top medical centers in the US and Taiwan, including UPMC, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and CGHM.

  • Meet Neo Star Demo Show Award Winner.

  • NVIDIA GTC Inception Award Winner.


  • Beginning of collaboration with CGMH, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan’s largest private hospital group.

  • Introduction of AI medical imaging development platform.


  • 1st project: computer-aided detection of circulating tumor cells on whole slide images.



  • Founding of aetherAI.

Meet the Team


Joe Yeh

M.D., Co-founder & CEO.

Dr. Joe Yeh holds an M.D. from National Taiwan University and studied for a doctorate in pathology at the University of Southern California, where he discovered his passion for computer programming and image analysis. Inspired by the power of computer algorithms to perform rapid, accurate image analysis and the potential to improve healthcare, Dr. Yeh left academia and founded aetherAI with KJB and Steven Yeh.


Dr. Yeh has taught deep learning in medical imaging at National Taiwan University's Department of Biomedical Engineering and National Cheng Kung University’s Department of Electrical Engineering. He has co-authored several research papers published in prestigious international publications such as Nature Communications.

Steve Yeh

Co-founder and COO


Co-founder and CTO

Sean Yu, M.S.

   VP of Data Science

Core Business

Asia’s leading medical image AI solution provider, aetherAI is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital pathology transformation, AI-powered diagnostic support systems, and biopharma enterprise services. 


By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, aetherAI aims to ease the burden on healthcare professionals and improve diagnostic imaging quality. At the forefront of digital pathology AI, aetherAI partners with top medical centers in the US, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe, including UPMC, National Taiwan University Hospital, Kanazawa University, University Hospital Tübingen, etc. aetherAI is also a trusted collaborator for such BioPharma companies as Novartis Taiwan and ACT Genomics, and many more are working with us to accelerate AI applications for research efficiency.




Taipei Biotech Award Gold Medal,

Taipei City Government


Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Award

Gold Medal,

Taiwan FDA & IDB


R&D award,

Judge's award,

TAIPEI Prominent Enterprise Award

截圖 2021-10-01 下午2.38.38.png

Business Startup Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Joe Yeh_aetherAI.jpg
截圖 2021-10-01 下午3.19.51.png

10 Coolest Tech Startups by Ministry of Science and Technology


100 MVP Managers, ManagerToday,


Inception Award, NVIDIA GTC

截圖 2021-10-01 下午3.21.43.png

TIEC Special Award, SingularityU APAC Global Impact Challenge

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Medical Devices GMP Certification

ISO13485 Certification

Medical Device Manufacturing License

Taiwan FDA Medical Device License

AI-driven Digital Transformation of Pathology

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