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Advanced Medical Imaging with AI

aetherAI takes a two-pronged approach to develop solutions, using our expertise to contribute to the AI revolution. By elevating the standards of medical diagnosis and improving quality of care, we can realize the ultimate value of digital medical imaging. 

aetherAI product portfolio development is based on the following two-pronged approach:

  1.  Making Whole-Slide Image Solutions standard for routine pathology for seamless integration of AI into workflow. 

  2.  Using AI-Microscope to conduct medical examinations requiring laborious manual maneuvering and high-resolution imaging, accelerating such processes by only capturing the images necessary for diagnosis.

AI - Powered Pathology Image Management System

By increasing efficiency and easily monitoring workload and process, aetherAI’s offerings help pathologists focus on the most important tasks. The AI-landing environment we provide supports productivity tools for AI training and seamlessly integrates with AI apps, whether aetherAI or 3rd-party.

Digital Pathology System in the AI era


Cloud Pathology for Enhanced Education and Research

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AI Applications
for Diagnostic Support

aetherAI partners with top medical centers to create a wide array of AI pathology diagnostic support applications. aetherAI’s offerings range from slide quality control to case triaging, lesion detection, differential cell counting, and IHC quantification.

Lymph Node Metastasis

AI Detection- Gastric Cancer


IHC Quantification - Breast

(Ki67, ER, PR)


Integrated AI Systems

aetherAI augments medical imaging devices with integrated AI solutions, bringing intelligence into clinical workflow.

The World’s First Bone Marrow AI

aetherAI_kv 2022-31.png

Whole-Spine Lateral Measurement

Colorectal Polyp and Adenoma Detection


Lung Nodule Detection

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