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2022 Joint Annual Congress of TBMT and HST

6 Aug.

TBMT, Taiwan Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation

HST, The Hematology Society of Taiwan

Bone Marrow Smear Differential Count aetherAI Hema is showcased at this event.

aetherAI Hema had another AI/ML SaMD licensed by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) via the De Novo pathway.

It was our great pleasure to share more implementation benefits with all.

雲象科技於8月6日舉行的「中華民國血液及骨髓移植學會、中華民國血液病學會聯合年會」,展示「骨髓抹片 AI 分類計數 aetherAI Hema」,分享導入情境與效益,藉此經衛福部與歐盟許可的智慧醫材,能從臨床應用、教學研究,提升醫療品質。


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