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Taiwan’s Major Challenges in Precision Health

21 Oct. 2021

Precision Health has been highly promoted in Taiwan, marked as one of Six Core Strategic Industries by President Tsai in her inaugural address in May 2020.

Three major concerns were addressed at the 2021 FUTEX Forum:

1. Cross-disciplinary collaboration

2. AI Solution providers are less familiar with medical device regulations, challenging them to meet the requirements of safety and clinical performance.

3. Solution applications to be commercialized with global business strategy.

This is an article synopsis of a wrap-up story for the panel discussion, How Can AI and Data Drive Growth in the Precision Health Industry at 2021 Futux Forum. aetherAI Co-founder & CEO Joe Yeh, M.D. was invited to share his insights.



挑戰1:人才 - 跨領域、組織文化之整合


挑戰2:法規 – 醫材法規墊高技產業進入門檻


挑戰3:商用化 – 清晰的商業化邏輯,策略性海外開發


雲象科技執行長葉肇元受邀參與2021 FUTEX未來科技館 「精準健康論壇」會後報導

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