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AI is revolutionizing healthcare services; Taiwan-based providers make a breakthrough.

August 5, 2021, by Mirror Media

Translated in brief

As many global companies enter precision medicine; some face setbacks in commercial operation, on the contrary, a few local providers take niches and move toward the global market.

aetherAI co-founder and CEO Joe Yeh pointed out that even for a most cutting-edge technology company, it cannot guarantee a realized business model with AI-powered healthcare solutions implementation. The main reason is the value of AI healthcare hasn't been fully verified yet in general, he said. The pricing and value issue can be solved in a long term.

aetherAI chooses a niche market with dedication, taking hematology as an example. Partnered with National Taiwan University Hospital, its solution, aetherAI Hema is designed to automate the procedure of bone marrow smear differential counting. As a pathologist with AI diagnostic support, results are readily available with a few clicks.

The accumulated experiences would be equipped with competitiveness for solution commercialization.


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