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aetherAI Hema Featured at 2024 Joint Annual Congress of TBMT & HST

aetherAI proudly showcased aetherAI Hema at the 2024 Joint Annual Congress of TBMT & HST this past weekend. The event highlighted the system’s success in leading Taiwanese hospitals, demonstrating its critical role in advancing hematology diagnostics.

The aetherAI Hema , equipped with state-of-the-art AI technology, has been widely adopted by top hospitals in Taiwan, enhancing the precision and efficiency of differential counting and classification in bone marrow smears.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Proven Effectiveness: Known for its accuracy and reliability, the system streamlines the differential counting process, ensuring high-quality diagnostics.

  • Widespread Adoption: Trusted by leading hospitals, aetherAI Hema is a testament to its effectiveness and integration into medical workflows.

  • Remote Analysis Capability: Facilitates collaborative diagnostics across different institutions, promoting better patient outcomes through shared expertise.

The positive reception at the congress underscored the system’s impact on improving diagnostic workflows and patient management within the hematology field.

aetherAI continues to lead in deploying medical AI solutions that enhance healthcare efficiency and outcomes. The aetherAI Hema system exemplifies our commitment to delivering breakthrough technologies that transform medical diagnostics.

For more information about the aetherAI Hema system and other aetherAI products, please visit our Products page or contact our support team


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