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Our Services

Dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity, aetherAI designed its solutions around pathologists’ daily workflow. With our in-house physicians and in partnership with clinical experts in US and Taiwan, aetherAI provides AI-Powered solutions covering all the needs for research, education and clinical practices, including aetherSlide Digital Pathology Workflow System, aetherWeb Digital Pathology Education Platform, AI-Powered All-in-one Solutions, Add-on AI Applications, and Pharma Services.



Digital Pathology Workflow System

Our vendor-neutral system enables pathologists to view, manage and annotate slides intuitively. Workload and progress is easily monitored, with AI at your side to help prioritize work and focus on the most important tasks.



Digital Pathology Education Platform

Dedicated to enhancing pathology education, aetherWeb hosts slide collections curated by renowned domain experts and allows you to manage and share whole slide images effortlessly. Join other experts on aetherWeb!

AI Applications3.png

Readily-Available AI Applications

With our in-house data science and medical research team, aetherAI partners with top medical centers in creating a wide array of AI pathology applications ranging from slide control, case triaging, differential cell counting, to IHC quantification. Contact us for detailed information.

Adopt AI Today!

aetherAI makes adopting real-world AI in medical imaging possible by delivering all-in-one solutions including pre-trained AI models, dedicated hardware for AI inference, and software platform.

aetherAI Microscope x Hema.png

aetherAI Hema

Bone Marrow Smear Differential Count

aetherAI Hema is designed to automate the procedure of bone marrow smear differential counting. With AI at your hand, results are readily-available with just a few clicks.

aetherAI Endo.jpg

aetherAI Endo

Colorectal Polyp Detection

aetherAI Endo is able to detect colorectal polyp and adenoma in real-time, capturing colonoscopy images and performing AI inference at 30 frames per second.

aetherAI Ortho.png

aetherAI Ortho

Whole-Spine Lateral Measurement

aetherAI Ortho is able to automate the procedure of detecting 25-key points and measuring whole-spine lateral radiographs parameters and provide GAP score.

AI Applications3.png

Pharma Services

Leveraging deep neural networks’ superior ability in image recognition, aetherAI has developed a unique pipeline that uses the entire whole-slide images for AI training, drastically reducing the effort in annotation. We offer end-to-end streamlined digital pathology AI services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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