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Our Mission

aetherAI is dedicated to providing solutions for digital pathology and AI-powered diagnostic support. The mission of the company is to use state-of-the-art technology to elevate the standard of pathological diagnosis and improve the quality of healthcare.

“The AI revolution will realize the ultimate value of digital medical images and bring healthcare to the next level.

Joe Yeh, M.D., Co-founder & CEO

What sets us apart

Led by Co-founder & CEO, Dr. Joe Yeh, aetherAI seeks to leverage deep neural networks’ superior ability in image recognition to elevate the standard of pathology diagnosis. Our R&D team are experts in their fields, in collaboration with aetherAI in-house medical research team and clinical experts across US and Taiwan, we are able to fast track AI development and deliver the most pathologist-centric workflow system and AI applications.

Our Teams

Co-founder and CEO

Joe Yeh, M.D.

VP of Data Science

Sean Yu, M.S.

Co-founder and COO

Steve Yeh, M.S.

VP of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Peichen Lin, M.D., M.S.

Co-founder and CTO


VP of Business Development

Adam Yen, M.B.A.

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