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Bring better colonoscopy

aetherAI Endo, Real-time Automatic Detection of Colorectal Polyp, provides an all-in-one solution for hospitals and health examination centers to help improve the quality of colonoscopy. 


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Collaborating with leading hospitals for gastroenterology in Taiwan, National Taiwan University Hospital and Cathay General Hospital, we utilized over 400 thousands of annotated data from more than 3,000 patients covering various clinical scenarios to achieve a high accuracy. 

Extra support during
the procedure

Designed for clinical workflow, it provides a real-time AI inference at 30 FPS with less than 0.2s monitor latency and supported by localizing colorectal polyp, alert with sound and activated AI. 

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Detect everything small

With a high accuracy of 95%, a special curated training data set is able to bring higher detection ability, including SSA, tubular adenoma, hyperplastic polyp and others. 

Easy to install

aetherAI Endo delivers performance immediately after being connected to a colonoscopy machine. No extra integration efforts are required. The all-in-one solution includes a pre-trained AI model and a dedicated hardware, compact to fit in operation rooms.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is AI more accurate than experts?

Ans: There is no related research and evaluation regarding the accuracy of

human interpretation as the procedure is still performed manually and in

real-time without any digital video records stored for verification.

Q: Is aetherAI Endo able to perform in real-time and how fast is it?

Ans: The AI Box is able to process up to 30 frames per second which runs at the

same frame rate as colonoscopy input source.

Q: Is aetherAI Endo regulated?

Ans: aetherAI Endo already passed Taiwan FDA approval.


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