World's First Fully Automated AI System for Bone Marrow Differential

Updated: Jan 6

9 November 2020

aetherAI announces its new breakthrough in AI for bone marrow differential. Partnering with National Taiwan University Hospital, aetherAI is delivering the world's first and only bone marrow smear differential counting AI system - aetherAI Hema. Trained on the world's largest and most comprehensive image dataset of over 600,000 annotated bone marrow cells, aetherAI Hema is specifically developed to automate the procedure of bone marrow differential counting and further benefit all patients with blood disease in the world.

From stitching, focusing, R.O.I. finding, oiling, capturing, AI inferencing to summarizing, aetherAI uses deep learning to deliver a fully automated AI system for bone marrow differential with a high accuracy of 94%.

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