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2022 Taipei Biotech Award

12 Aug.

aetherAI Hema Bone Marrow Smear Differential Count has won 2022 Taipei Biotech Award – Interdisciplinary Excellence Gold Medal.

Taipei city government established this award for promoting biotechnology industry. The award has been regarded as “the Biotech Oscar,” helping pave the path to further success for top firms in Taiwan.

Trained on the world’s largest dataset of over 1 million carefully curated cells, aetherAI Hema is able to perform consistently, with a high average accuracy of 94%. Each cell will be classified into one of 15 main categories. Results are readily available with just a few clicks. 雲象科技「骨髓抹片AI 自動分類計數系統 aetherAI Hema」榮獲 2022「台北生技獎」跨域卓越獎金獎

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